exceptional value

Let's assume that you already know video is the key to success with advertising.

Working with Alaska in Motion is just...better.

The work we create is top notch. Modern and attractive, not cheesy or cliche.

Our project completion times are the fastest around.

We work with our clients long after a video is complete, to make sure the video is accomplishing goals, for no extra charge.

Our rates are 30% less than industry standards.

We've got over 15,000 hours of experience in video production, more than any other video company around.

Government departments, tourism leaders, big name brand companies and even fire/police departments have hired Alaska in Motion to create one of a kind videos.

We've got excellent video cameras and gear, included.


With the ability to target local audiences with video ads on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, there's never been a better time to make advertising focused videos.


And video content gets more engagement than any other medium.


Making a video is simply the best way to get people's attention, spread a message, and get results.

"The videos are getting a lot of attention and compliments.

I'm having my best month ever."

-Razco Gear in Juneau

"Alaska in Motion is a fantastic and affordable way to market/advertise your product ....very easy to work with."

-Juneau Mercantile