Let's first find out what your goals are and what it will take.

So you know how if you hired a builder to build you a home, the cost would depend on a lot of different factors? Where, how big, how nice...

It's the same for video.

The price depends on the scale of the work needed

to complete the job, and once we know what you're looking for it's easy to come up with a number.

Our rates are 30% less in AK

than in the lower 48.

And video equipment is included, no rental fees for normal gear.

We also include video consultation at no extra charge - get your video seen in the right way at the right time by the right audience.

Getting an estimate

What it will cost is up to how awesome your video is.

But, keep in mind AIM works pretty  quickly compared to other video companies.

After doing some creative brainstorming, AIM can provide you with an estimate.

The first step is lettings us know what your idea is.