Alaska in Motion works off simple day rate pricing for camera work, and an hourly rate for editing.


Marketing consultation for free.

Once your video is made, and you're happy with it, AIM will help you with the marketing part.

Let's get a finished video onto your social media platforms to reach the right people, and explore all options for your target audience.

Example: have your video seen by Juneau residents on facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

pre-production planning

$40 per hour for meetings, phone calls, e-mails, location scouting

In order to make you a great video, aim should understand you and your topic matter very well.

filming, 2017 rates

$400 each "half day" ( 0 to 4 hours )

$800 each "full day" ( 4 to 8 hours)

each time BeaU arrives to film is
at least $400

Includes camera, lenses, gimbal/glidecam, lighting, audio recording, and over a decade of camera operation experience.

FYI, photographers in Juneau charge the same prices or more for only a few hours of stills work, and frankly putting a story together for video is much more labor intensive.

video editing, 2017

$50 per hour

Includes soundtrack, soundbites, color grading, internet ready video files, and over 10,000 hours of experience.


$150 for your own hard drive containing every shot

keep all the footage for yourself, forever. It leaves the door open for future editors to work with your footage

How much time will it take?

That is completely up to how awesome

(or complicated) your video request is.

But, keep in mind AIM works pretty  quickly compared to other video companies.

Ask for a quote if you'd like.