a FIRST in fire Department videos

Lots of fire departments have had videos made for them and there are just as many video production companies out there willing to fill the need.

But it's rare that you'll find a video producer with 14 years of experience that is also an active fire service member with FFII, Hazmat Operations, ETT, and Fire Service Instructor 1 certifications.

This may be the one place you'll find a video content creator that is equally passionate about the fire service. And that comes with some serious advantages


Beau Sylte, Alaska in Motion's owner and lead Videographer is already familiar with what you do and how you do it, which adds value to every aspect of production and moves things along quicker.


Alaska in Motion can produce any kind of fire department video from training series to recruitment videos.This company loves helping tell fire service and EMS  stories through modern and effective video styles.


Beau Sylte can get closer to the action than other camera operators because he already knows how to be safe on fire scenes with PPE and SCBA. He knows his way around apparatus and fire houses already.


What you have to do in the fire service a daily basis is not easy.

Hiring a video producer who is also a firefighter will help save you time and get you the best possible video content possible.



Reach out, say hello, and we'll do solid work on your idea for a video and see what it'll take to accomplish your goals.

Training, recruitment, PR, Instagram edits, union views, conference coverage... there are tons of video style options for the fire service.


Yes, this company is located in Alaska. But it's only 2 hours from Seattle and when it comes to professional video, it's very common to travel nationally. The gear is simply checked on a plane and  production starts when scheduled.


Probably less than your website did. And video is the best way to get a message out there. It's extremely valuable and effective. Let's hear your idea and then you can easily get a quote.